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 Giselle           Schwinden

Quem Sou

The Artist.

Gisele Schwinden is a Brazilian and Luxembourgish artist.

Her paintings range from modern to classical, showcasing a vast array of techniques.

They depict themes related to beauty and spirituality, bringing faces from other dimensions and conveying positive messages through simple visual contact. Her goal is to reveal hidden messages through her artworks.

"Art is a Divine gift; we use it to bring light, hope, and peace." - Giselle Schwinden.



The ancient myth of Melusine is portrayed in this acrylic painting by artist Giselle Schwinden, creating a beautiful blend of vibrant colors and brilliant visual effects, making it a uniquely beautiful piece.

The mystery and hidden secrets revealed through her gaze.

Unravel these secrets...

Acrylic painting with textured plaster, acrylic and gold technique.

90cm x 120cm.

Dimensions 1.

What do you see?

This painting portrays higher dimensions, bringing lightness, sweetness, and unique experiences.

Just look and you shall find answers.

Canvas painting in acrylic, resin technique, plaster, gold, and crystals.

100 cm x 140 cm.


Dimensions 2.

The artist Giselle reveals the face of this new reality.

80cm x 120cm.

Dimensions 3.

The artist portraying the 5th Dimension, the colors, the lights, the eyes, the depth, and the connection.

100cm x 100cm.